That’s what our customers say about allet rund:

“Nowhere else can you shop with such ease and welcome and try things out to your heart’s content. You carry labels (lucky for me) that other boutiques don’t have, with a knack for excellent quality …“

Christine O.

“While conventional shops ‘simply’ enlarge clothes tailored to size 34, women with curves find refined cuts and designs that flatter everyone. Plus the loving care of Joachim Semrau, who would never sell you anything that isn’t absolutely right.“

Anke K.

“As a dentist, I demand the utmost precision in my work. Absolutely only the best quality is standard for me.I love that about my clothes too, and I find only the best quality in Joachim Semrau’s shop allet rund. I feel very well advised by his humorous and considerate personality and always leave his shop as a sexy woman with a super figure.“

med. dent. Gudrun S.

“Mr Semrau advises unerringly, amazes with constructive suggestions and inspires with his downright cordiality …“

Sandra P.

“In the meantime, Joachim Semrau’s shop has become a permanent fixture, a small lifeline and a great gift for discerning and stylish customers who need that little bit more in the way of clothes. The range has grown very purposefully, with a good feel for trends that are not available elsewhere in Berlin …„

Susanne L.

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